WooCommerce allows you to sell virtually anything via your WordPress website. The simple and intuitive interface makes it simple for an ‘average Joe’ to create an ecommerce website in mere minutes. What’s more, the plugin is free!

WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin also provides sellers with a range of features, such as discounts, shipping options, tax options, customer notifications and beyond — all while maintaining SEO-friendly qualities that will keep your WordPress site at the top of the pile when it comes to your performance in the search engines.

WooCommerce Advantage

Being an open source platform, Woo-commerce is accessible to all and it is completely free. Woo-commerce definitely woos the startup businesses with its cost-effectiveness feature.

Woo-commerce is cost-effective, as it features ‘freemium’ business model. This means the core software is free, but you may have to pay for some of the new additions or features. Ecommerce owners can add infinite product lists in various categories. It features excellent shopping cart – secured and robust.

Plenty of themes are there for the users so that website owners can personalize or customize their websites as per their wishes.

WooCommerce  Skills

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