Education And E-Learning

In this tech-friendly, globalized era, the education and knowledge became the essentials. The cybernetization bestowed the education directly through the source to the target, vanishing the time and geographical bars.

Learning management system and virtual classrooms or e-learnings has marked US $ 2.55 billion for the year 2013 and foreseen to touch US $ 7 billion by the end of 2018. While mobile learning market was US $ 5.22 billion for 2012 and expected market is US $ 12.2 billion for the year 2017. In 2014, 74% of the corporates were using LMS.

Global mobile education spending are projected to be US$ 37.8 billion by 2018 which was US $ 3.4 in 2011. Infect, apps for the toddlers/ preschoolers had recorded most popular age category with the holding of 58 %.

The data really shows astonishing facts of growing technology trends in e-learning industry. Indeed, the management of various level of education institutions are also reckoning on management software which can undertake all the administrative jobs reducing cost of bunch of human operators and regulatory staff.


Industry expertise

Today, managing an Education group/institute is actually a full of overboard administrative task. If an institute is willing to provide quality learnings these administrable activities has to be computerized. So that, productive actions can be focused and regulatory work can also be kept updated.

IntelliPro provides the custom-built software and applications for the managerial purpose for all type and size of education providers. Also, we have potential to provide you the best E-learning tools inclusive of podcasting, broadcasting, social learnings, mobile learning, virtual classrooms etc.

IntelliPro Solutions

  • Pre-Assessment Tests
  • Automatic Result Compilation and grading
  • Online attendance management
  • E-classroom management
  • Learning management system
  • Mobile learning applications
  • Rapid e-learning tools
  • Designing Online Quizzes, Based On Test, Animation And Graphics
  • Post-Assessment Tests
  • Generation Of Result Reports
  • Fee and payment management
  • Online information system and student help desk
  • Complete student account management

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