Media And Entertainment Industry

The global entertainment and media industry is diversifying with the digital transformation of business practices. The media tactics are the real shot in the arm for business and markets switching to follow the modern trends and technology. This industry embodies the latest modes say TV, radio, publishing , advertisements, multimedia, audio, video, graphics, movies, sports, outdoor and digital branding etc.

Recent trends of media and entertainment industry shows that there is cut throat competition in the market. An increase at the rate of 5.4 % has been reported as per the market study of the year 2014. This is earning global digital ad CAGR 12.2% and non-digital ad CAGR 1.2%. Mobile internet advertising CAGR is 23.1% globally.

Expected contribution of media industry is US $1,289 billion in 2017. That really an important projection showing the future clout of the industry.

Industry Challenges


Media and entertainment industry highly requires upgraded technology applications for rich content and vehement distribution network to monetize by ad sales and marketing mechanisms. It a real challenge for the industry to keep pace with the recent trends of information technology reaching the copious amount of targeted subscribers.

IntelliPro has come up with its customized cloud based IT and web applications to cope up with the most happening snags of the industry. It’s rendering services to all of digital and non-digital media to optimize the creativity, enterprise system and business practices. It allows the media provider the smart and newfangled ways to meet the needs of content management, effectualization, transformation, multiform broadcasting or publishing distribution, media-ad boosting and market share optimization.


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