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Mobile technology has made one's life very easy in managing the business at all the times and at all the places while getting rid of requiring a traditional desktop machine. Different types of operating systems and other application software have been made by different companies for mobile devices. The operating system for mobile devices and smart phones is introduced by Microsoft is Windows Mobile. Windows CE kernel provided the basis for Windows Mobile operating system. Different applications running on Windows Mobile have been built by using Microsoft Windows API. Windows Mobile gives almost same functionality as that of Windows desktop version of Windows. In addition to Windows provided tools and software, the software developed by third-party can also be incorporated into Windows Mobile, these type of software can be had from Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphone operating system is the 5th most among other popular operating systemsand is contributing 5% sharein the mobile operating system market worldwide.

IntelliPro is very much confident and expert in providing its customers with the software solutions for mobile technology. We provide the full range ofdevelopment services for desktop applications as well as mobile applications. IntelliPro design, develop and test the customized applications for its customers to be used for handheld devices.We, at IntelliPro ,develop custom Windows Mobile applications to automate on-site work product with effective Windows Mobile solutions.

Windows Mobile Advantage

Windows Mobile is getting more popularity due to certain advantages that it provides:

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IntelliPro team has expert Windows Mobile developers enriched with the following technologies and skills.

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