Hotel Management System

The global hospitality industry is intensifying with the increasing trends of travel. This industry is adaptive to technology and internet as hotel industry is indubitably getting a major share of business from online sources.

The global revenue from hotel industry is expected to reach US $ 550 by the year 2016. In 2011, hospitality industry contributed 9% to total GDP that makes US $ 6 trillion contribution.

The global tours and travelling has shown the emerging needs of hotels and so emerging markets are there for hotels.


Industry Expertise

IntelliPro has closely researched this industry and understood the most common challenges into their day to day operations and management. Indeed, rolled in with a complete series of hotel’s technical and web based needs. That is making this industry work in the most time saving and productive way.

Considering the online needs and technical requisites of hotel industry, we provide the customized, integrated, user friendly and device adaptive, multi-tasking applications and software solutions.

Our cloud based and mobile friendly technology connects the hotels and guests everywhere they go with an internet connection.

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