Joomla is one of the most popular system for website that allows it users to manage the content very easily. With the Joomla CMS you are able to upload images, videos, manage text, images, and links to your website. The use of the Joomla system does not require any programming skills or prior experience with website building tools. It can be learned easily by anyone who used MS Office or Open Office before.

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Joomla! is an internationally developed application, developed by a core group of developers around the world, but with many thousands of developers contributing to the growing movement by submitting their own web services components and plug-ins to the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Joomla! can be considered as a web services 'operating system' or platform, into which you can plug-in smaller programmes over time as your requirements grow; so scalability is an important consideration for those people considering a content management system for their organisation. It is also important to understand that there is, in our opinion, no way a proprietary-developed CMS can compete with the sheer volume of development being undertaken for the Joomla! CMS by 3rd party developers like ourselves around the world;

Joomla! can therefore, in most cases, prevent clients from having to fund the development of their requirements by enabling them to select from thousands of components/plug-ins available on the Joomla! Extensions Directory or, at the very least, provide them with software as a starting point that can be built upon or extended for their own use as required;

Joomla! is secure. Joomla! started out much like the Linux operating system, which is another open-source project, and has grown to become the most installed, secure and implemented web server on the planet! Joomla!'s core team of developers are as skilled as any other developers and, as a general rule, the open source development community tends to seek recognition from their ability to find and fix bugs and security threats rather than gain notoriety from being able to hack them;

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