Microsoft SQL Server is a popular database management system which is a relational in nature. This database server is provided by Microsoft that's why it is highly compatible with any Microsoft software solution platform in case of desktop as well as web based development environments. It is available in standard edition for small organizations and enterprise edition for large organizations. This database can be easily maintained and administered by using the thin clients. These client tools are light weight tools that can be installed on the servers or they can be installed on remote machine clients from where the server can be managed very easily.

In addition to its own client tools, third party database management system software are also flooded in the market by the help of which one can easily monitor, design and develop the database applications using Microsoft SQL Server. One of the popular examples in this regard is Toad.

 The primary language used for interacting (insert, update, delete etc.) with the database is SQL (structured query language), which contains very simple English like statements to retrieve, insert, manipulate and update the information. A strong database administration tool is also provided with the installation and setup of Microsoft SQL Server is i.e. Enterprise manager through which one can easily make users, monitor the sessions and increase/decrease the size of necessary files etc.

 IntelliPro’s team has a very strong team which deals with Microsoft SQL Server databases; they can design, develop and maintain it in a professional manner. Our hundreds of clients have been benefited by our database team in management / administration and development of MS SQL Server databases.

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Here are some major advantages of Microsoft SQL Server:-

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IntelliPro's Microsoft SQL Server team has the following skill set which makes them a powerful team:

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