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Outsourcing has become a key business strategy in today's time. IntelliPro believes that the practice of getting some business activities done by an outside company instead of inside department is a wise and productive decision. It helps the main company to focus on core activities. It has proven benefits like cost saving, reduced overhead and operational cost, risk management and staffing flexibility.

Outsourcing is a share of reputation, output, and revenue. For such a big deal, that affects the collective performance of the company, a reliable partner is required. IntelliPro offers an equal share of risk and revenue. The innovative solutions, experienced employees, diverse exposure, high competence, cost effective and flexible delivery models help you to achieve your goal with in deadline. IntelliPro always value the needs and requirements of customer and help them to get maximum output from their business operations. We believe in providing user friendly and precise solutions that deals with upcoming challenges in the IT business world and also help companies in gaining competitive advantage in this swiftly development industry.

Partner benefits

Being a partner of IntelliPro, you can take advantage of

Partnership models

Outsourcing partnership

It is just like an online extension of your office in some other country. Outsourcing partnership has helped the companies to reduce more than 60% of their cost by taking benefit of already trained and experienced personnel all around the world. Now you need not to worry about training and installation cost of a new technology. Instead, you can simply contact IntelliPro to become extension of your office and start benefiting you in almost no cost. With our offshore extended office you can enjoy time saving benefits with reduced risk of traditional outsourcing vendors.

Reseller partnership

Now you can resell your services to new and existing customers at a cost and brand of your own choice. This is similar to the activity of a prominent company. IntelliPro provides you with the required services then you will be simply deciding a cost and brand value for it. Maintenance services can be enjoyed in addition to high quality and timely development.

Business partnership

If you are solo business consultant, partnership with us will help you concentrate on your core business activities well. Just provide us with your requirements; we will take care about the rest regarding database management, technical aspects, all programming, system management, applications and infrastructure management.

IntelliPro helps you in delivering IT resources proficiently by providing you our excellent mind power of trained IT specialists. Our innovative professionals will help you take your company at a distinguishable position in the industry.

For further details contact us. Our business team will entertain you for becoming our partner.

what our customer says

We believe in developing outstanding and long term business relationships with our clients

what our customer says

We believe in developing outstanding and long term business relationships with our clients