School Music Management System

The Client

The client based in Australia has a reputed and successful music school business. The client had good name in nurturing music talent of children. They were involved in providing both short term and long term training and courses.

Business Scenario

The client currently had all their processes offline and was in need to develop a software system which would enable to run their business through online mechanism. Hence a subscription based online product was to be developed which would facilitate any music school conduct its various activities online.

The complete online management system would include Students and Ensemble management, Musical instrument inventory and management, Parent portal, Tuition and class management, Music camp and event management, Document management. The system should also have provision for invoicing and receipts management for online subscription and Reports. online system had to be compatible with various mobile devices.

Intellipro Approach

The team intellipro went into action and provided consultation to the client on various technological and business aspects and recommended a product based on SaaS based technology. Complete requirement gathering was done and document was prepared which contained detailed scope of work. We advised the client to make the designing mobile responsive which would help them provide alternatives to web. We gave them inputs which would make the online system user friendly and affordable.

Intellipro's Solution

IntelliPro team analyzed the different modules from the client’s business requirement and implemented a complete product. Please find the details of various modules developed the solution below:

Student and Ensemble Management

Manage all the students and ensembles of the music program. Detailed information about each student can be viewed and managed. Communication facility was provided for with all or a selected group of parents with ease.

Online Registration and Re-enrollments

The solution implemented made provisions for all registrations for the music programs to be performed by parents through customizable online registration forms. Re-enrolments for returning students can also be done online, and when parents confirm their contact details, you get to ensure that your information is accurate and up to date.

Invoice and Payment Management

Create and email itemized invoices for each student and manage receipts from students. Reminders can be sent with ease to parents for outstanding accounts. Invoices and receipts can be exported to be used in your accounting package.

Music Camp Management

Music camp is a huge task with plenty of paperwork. Customise your permission slip packs including requests for medical and dietary information and parent rostering. Parents can complete the permission forms online. Keep track of who has registered and send automated reminders to parents who have not yet registered. Easily view all medical and dietary information. For overnight stays, create cabin names and allocate children to cabins. Keep all your music camp information and timetabling together from year to year to avoid lost information.

Documents and Email Library

Save, organise and share all your music program documents and email templates. Maintain full control over who can share each document. Documents can also be attached to emails you send through the system. Email templates can be saved at the time of sending a newly created email and are automatically shared with other users of the system. Both the documents library and the email template library can be organized into as many as 10 different folders.

Instrument and Hire Management

We developed this module that allows the music school to keep a full inventory of all your school instruments including all history of services and hire history. Manage hiring of instruments with ease allocating them to students, marking when they need a service and managing their servicing.

Automated Parent Rostering and reminders

This module developed allows one to create parent rosters for any ensemble and for any term. There are 2 options for allocating parents to roster dates: parents can choose the dates they would like to be on duty, or the system can automatically generate the roster for parents on a random basis. Reminder emails can be sent to parents 7 days and 1 day before their roster duty, using email templates, so as to avoid parents missing their supervision date.

Tution Timetabling

This module developed enables music schools to create tutorial timeslots and then allocate students and their tutors to those timeslots. Easily communicate with parents and tutors of a particular music group, timeslot or day. It enables tutors to take attendance on the system, and an attendance history can be viewed at any time.

Parent Portal and Communication

The parent portal enables parents to view all rehearsals, events and performances for their children on the music calendar. Parents can register their children for ensembles through the parent portal or re-enrol children that are continuing in the new year.

Music Contact Management

View and manage all the contacts for your music program. Keep the music school committee members, school staff, conductors and music stores information accessible at any time. Efficiently send emails to selected or all contacts with ease.

Events Calendar

View and manage all your school music events from an easy to use events calendar. Rehearsals are automatically added to your calendar for each ensemble. Then add any additional events and performances. Events on your calendar are displayed in the parent portal.

Tools and Technologies used

Multithreaded Windows Service.
MS SQL Server
Google Map. (Push Notification).


  • By subscribing different modules any music school / institute gets a complete package to manage their business online thus eliminating the need of all manual processes involved.
  • Students and their parents get online access to track all to information, events, classes managed by school / institute and up-to-date notifications of each update, making a clear transparency between both the entities and thus increasing the business by getting more and more students enrollments.
  • Subscription based technology allows users of all levels to use this solution
  • As we used SaaS technology it allows the solution to be scalable.

what our customer says

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