Online services for National Electoral Commission

The Client

The client - National Electoral Commission of an African country wanted to develop online self help services for citizens of its country to access their voting information easily.

Business Scenario

The National Electoral Commission of an African country wanted to facilitate the citizens of its country wherein they can access their voting information easily from anywhere online. Citizens can register and apply as voter, update their existing information, apply for migration, search polling booth etc. Role based authentication where authorities can approve / reject request and access different modules.

Intellipro Approach

IntelliPro analyzed the requirement and the main challenge was to create a highly secure architecture as it involved interaction with sensitive voting information of citizens of the country. Along with that system should be fast and user friendly.

Intellipro's Solution

IntelliPro developed following different modules for the system:

  • Registration & Login.
  • Apply as a new voter.
  • Apply for migration.
  • Search polling booth.
  • News & RTI from National Electoral Commission.
  • Document Management System - required for managing documents for any kind of application done by a citizen (voter).
  • Inbox (integrated email management) - for secure conversation between authorities and citizen (voter).
  • Role and right based access to modules - for securing the sensitive data.
  • Admin portal for authorities of National Electoral Commission - for approval / rejection of applications and other major functionalities.

Tools and Technologies used

AngularJS 1.x.
MS SQL Server
Entity Framework.

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