Online MIS (Management Information System) Portal for Government

The Client

The client - government of an African country is working with IntelliPro team to build an Online MIS (Management Information System) and Integrated Social Protection system for its citizens to maintain the nationwide centralized database of each citizen.

Business Scenario

For any government it is must to go digital in today’s era of information technology. Government of an African country is working with IntelliPro team to build a comprehensive management information and social protection online system for its citizens so that all kind of records of the citizens of country can be kept centralized and accessed online based on unique identification number.

These records can then be used for purpose like granting various kind loans to citizen - its approval, rejection, social welfare programs etc. The system supports various level of roles and rights based access to data. Purpose of this system is expansion of government records in terms of digitization and citizens to get benefit by using online system.

Intellipro Approach

Being government project, IntelliPro team is thoroughly involved in analysis and gathering requirement of system. The system interacts with high volume of sensitive data of citizens so our team has developed architecture which is highly secure yet fast and easily accessible.

Intellipro's Solution

IntelliPro team has developed various modules of this system:

  • Registration - based on unique identification number and its verification with national database.
  • Role based authentication and rights to access different modules.
  • Dashboard - to show various kind of graphical records and summary relevant to logged in user.
  • Knowledge Management Center - for users to know about various government rules, schemes and welfare program.
  • Various kind of reports to access the required information needed.
  • Admin module to manage master and other important information.
  • System Administration
    • Geo Management.
    • Benefit Program and Component Management.
    • Payment Service Provider Management.

Tools and Technologies used

AngularJS 1.x
MS SQL Server
Entity Framework

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