Online communication tool for organizations

The Client

IntelliPro team has developed SaaS based marketable online tool that be used by anyorganization / institute as a common platform for communication between their members,stakeholders and other entities involved in their business.

Business Scenario

An Australian based client wanted to develop a subscription based online communication and information sharing tool that facilitate organization / institute like schools, clubs, sports,community organizations:

  • Share event information through calendar.
  • Send messages and reminders through alerts.
  • Send personalized emails to members.
  • Send formal communication through newsletter.
  • Share informal activity updates through blogs.
  • Share detailed information and forms through notes.
  • Fast and highly secure.
  • Automatic data backup.

Intellipro Approach

IntelliPro team is working with authorities of government to understand the entire process of education loan application in their country and developing a secure and stable system that can accessed through web thus resulting into paperless and digital loan process.

Intellipro's Solution

IntelliPro team developed a subscription based web portal that includes:

  • Bootstrap CSS based UI which provides very rich user interface and fully responsive that supports any device.
  • Client side scripting framework for immediate user interaction / navigation.
  • Cloud technology for fast, secure and automatic data backup.
  • Manage all member’s information, facility to directly import from existing file like excel.
  • Create and manage different groups of members.
  • Different levels of privacy setting for allowing members to access information based on subscription and permission.
  • Easy to use and highly customized calendars, message boards for blog management, news and forums, email templates to share information.
  • Single platform to share all the relevant documents.
  • SMS and other accurate alerts and notifications to members as per permission and group.
  • Payment gateway integration and automatic invoice generation for billing as per the subscription.

Tools and Technologies used

MS SQL Server
Google Calendar (Push Notification)
Mandrill send Message API
Bitcasa API integration.
Paypal API (Recurring) Integration


  • Any organization like club, school, sports institute, NGOs can manage, share and keep up-to-date interaction with their members / students / parents and other involved stakeholders from single platform thus making communication fast and efficient.
  • Members / students / parents can communicate with each other and share information through blogs and forums.

what our customer says

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