CMS based online presentation system

The Client

The client based in US was leading business solution provider. It catered to organizations of various size and industry. The client believed in providing maximal return on investment implementing best development practices of the information technology industry. They belived in providing best possible time to market and cost.

Business Scenario

Our client was in need to develop dynamic CMS based online presentation system that can be used by any organization / institute to create online training, survey and other presentation sessions with N number of levels (pages) and multiple contents in each of the page. Our client was working with an organization who was in business of providing and distributing educational material through online medium.

Their client a leading name in e-learning business catered to various organizations of different size and line of business. They provided e-learning education on various topics and faculties. The system that was to be developed should facilitate creation of an online presentation have N number of level(pages). Any organization can create their customized presentation program that can be accessed from anywhere. Each page of the online presenttion would consist of textual, visual or images or videos and forms with multiple input and selection control. The system should also allow setting of rules for each presentation program. The system should also provide for responsive user interface that supports multiple devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop. The presentation system should have userfriendly navigation.

Intellipro Approach

Intellipro was to provide a solution which would minimize risk and cost. Intellipro formed a team of project manager and two developers. Proper quality checks on system were also provided for. Our devel­op­ment approach started by work­ing closely with the cus­tomer to iden­tify and under­stand the mis­sion or prob­lem state­ment and trans­late the related objec­tives into require­ments and a can­di­date top level solu­tion approach.

Intellipro's Solution

The core part of implementing the solution was cloud based storage architecture allowing any organization to create their customized presentation program that can used from anywhere. Boostrap CSS based UI was utilized to make provision for visually rich user interface and fully responsive design that is compatible with any device. Client side scripting framework was made use of for quick and userfriendly user interaction and navigation. Provision was arranged for any kind of presentation program like training, survey sessions can be created on the fly with any number of pages in it and each having multiple contents like text, images, videos, input and selection controls.

Online publishing facility to distribute the presentation was made functional so that the user can access from anywhere and on any device. Few of the essential features which were incorporated were each page can be configured to have it’s own contents and settings, each page can have customized rule like user can navigate to another page if video content is not completed played etc., and feature to set time limit to complete the presentation. Customized and rich content fileupload control was developed that would allow user to upload any sized and heavy images or pdf where each page in pdf will be dynamically converted into single page of presentation.Multi Level authentication and authorization functionality was implemented allowing any organization where a key person can be Admin who can create the presentation and other users can access those presentation component.

Tools and Technologies used

Knockout JS
TFS Online
Microsoft Azure for cloud based storage
Visual studio online


  • Organizations working in any domain like education, marketing, manufacturing can use the system.
  • Cloud based storage architecture allows any organization to manage and customize their presentation as per their business needs and that can be accessed from anywhere without need to physical storage mechanism thus reducing overall cost to purchase and manage physical storage devices.
  • Can be used by government and NGO organization for public welfare.


  • Integrating backend with input and selection controls.
  • Making the system compatible for organizations of various size and business.
  • Provision for N number of levels.
  • Provision of inflow and outflow of content from CMS system to presentation system.
  • Coding as per microsoft standards.
  • Database in clould azure.

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